How to Resubmit Tax Form

If you need to make updates to your tax form (W-9 or W-8BEN), such as update your address, adjust your Tax ID Number, or these sort of things, then a new tax form will actually need to be completed. Submitting a new tax form will take precedent over the initial submitted form. Follow the steps below to learn how to submit a new W-9 or W-8BEN.

Step 1 Open a tab with your Live URL. This is the link that the brand sent you with the campaign details.

Step 2 Click on the Settings page. 

Step 3 In the Payout Info section, click + Complete a Tax Form


Step 4 Select either 'I am a U.S. Person' or 'I am not a U.S. Person' (will be directed to W-8BEN form) and click Continue.


If you are outside of the U.S., the following guide linked here will walk you through submitting a W-8BEN.



Step 5 Fill out Personal Information and scroll down to the next section. 



Step 6 Under 'Part I - Taxpayer Identification Number' enter your Federal Tax Classification and Taxpayer ID Number. Under Exceptions (optional) enter Exempt codes if applicable. Click Continue.




A Taxpayer ID Number will need to be entered in order to continue.


Step 7 Confirm the information, certify under the penalties of perjury by checking the required boxes, sign name, and click Complete W-9.



Step 8 Lastly, click Submit Form on the final pop-up that appears.




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