How to Connect Shopify


Use the following guide to learn how to connect your eCommerce store to assign discount codes, import products, and create orders. 

In order to integrate your store, you must have admin access as well as have set up your Brand


How to Connect Shopify to GRIN


Keep in mind that there are additional steps that must be taken after connecting your Shopify in order to track conversion. This integration simply allows you to create orders, track inventory, import products, etc... To learn how to set up your conversion tracking, please click here.


In order to connect your store to your brand page in GRIN, first, make sure that you have the required permissions. Without the correct permissions, you will not be able to connect to your store. The permission for a Shopify user can be adjusted by going to Settings > Users & Permissions.


Step 1 Click Brands and select the Edit Brands icon

Step 2 Under "Step 3. Ecommerce Account", click Connect under the Shopify logo.


Step 3 Enter your Shopify Store URL and click Connect to be redirected to the login page on Shopify.


Make sure to adjust your pop-up blocker settings as you will be redirected to Shopify in order to complete your Shopify store connection.



Step 4 Enter your login email and click Next.


Do not type in "www." before your store name, Shopify will make this assumption for you.


Step 5 Enter your Shopify password and click Login to complete the integration.


Step 6 Now, we know we're connected by seeing our e-commerce store populate, as seen below.





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