Why can't I Login to GRIN?

As an influencer, you are not required to have a login. To access your sponsorship details, you simply need to visit the link that was sent to you, by the brand, in order to submit a campaign proposal. This link is actually your Live URL, which is your unique dashboard link that allows you to access your collaboration details at any time.


Within your dashboard you will have access to several different tabs:

  • Dashboard: The "Dashboard" tab is where you can access all your campaign details such as hashtags/mentions to use in your posts, delivery content manually,  etc...
  • Network Connections: This tab will allow you to connect or disconnect your social media for your collaborations
  • Settings: This tab will hold all your information such as payout details, shipping information, and contact information. To access this area you are required to first verify your account due to security purposes. You can verify your account via email, Instagram login, or Facebook login.
  • Payout: If you are being paid for your collaboration, then you can review your sales and payments via the "Payouts" tab. This tab is actually only available if you are being compensated a commission rate for the use of an affiliate link or discount code. To access this area you will also need to verify your account.



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