Tracking Subscription Conversions with Recharge

This guide will explain how affiliate link tracking in third party checkouts like Recharge works, and how to set up your tracking.

Grin only records conversions based on the initial order - orders for subsequent scheduled purchases as part of the subscription will currently not be sent over to Grin regardless of which subscription plugin you are using.

In this guide, you will learn how to:


If you have not yet set up your standard affiliate tracking for your site's primary checkout path, you'll want to complete those steps first.


Generate Third Party Checkout Scripts

Step 1 Click Brands, within the navigation, and click the Affiliate Links icon.


Step 2 In "Step 1. Link Details", enter link name and add an Attribution Window.

An Attribution Window is the time period during which a purchase is eligible as a conversion after an influencer affiliate link is used.



Step 3: In "Step 1 - Link Details", switch the toggle to Yes under Do you use a third party app for checkout? 




The Tracking Domains field will attempt to look up your store's URL from your eCommerce account connection when the link is created. If it is unsuccessful, or there is no eCommerce account connected, the field will be blank. Please enter the base URL of your store in the format of ''. Please reach out to Grin Support if you need any assistance determining your tracking domain!


Recharge is the default option for script generated. The script contains all of the variables needed by Recharge to successfully give us the Shopify order number and amount of the initial call.


Add Checkout Script to Recharge

Step 1 Click </> Copy Script below the script box to copy the finished script.

Step 2 Go to your Shopify Admin page. Click Apps and then select ReCharge.

Step 3 From your Recharge dashboard click the wrench icon.

Step 4 Click Checkout.

Step 5 Under Additional content and scripts find the Thank you text box and paste your script at the bottom of the box. Make sure it comes after any other </script> tags, if any are present.


Step 6  Click Save.

Recharge has some additional documentation around adding tracking scripts available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an additional script needed to track Recharge subscription conversions?

  • Subscription purchases go through a separate checkout, and a separate thank-you page, compared to normal one-time purchases. Following the steps above adds our tracking to Recharge's own thank you page so that we are notified when a customer has successfully completed their purchase.

I started using Recharge recently. Do I need to add this script if I am on the new Shopify Checkout integration version?



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