Tracking Subscription Conversions with Recharge

If you installed Recharge in your Shopify prior to November 2nd, 2021, you’ll need to set up affiliate tracking within Recharge as well in order to track subscription conversions. This is because the older version of Recharge uses its own checkout process and needs to have our customized conversion script added separately.  GRIN will only record a conversion for the initial purchase. The recurring orders within the subscription will not be counted towards your creator’s affiliate link stats or commission earnings.


If your Shopify Recharge was setup after November 2nd, 2021 and you accepted the new Shopify Recharge setup, you should disregard this page and instead visit Shopify's page on Checkout Integration Overview.


What You'll Need 

  • Affiliate tracking set up for your store or website
  • An existing brand you want to set up tracking for 
  • Administrator access to your Shopify account 

How to Do It 

  1. Click Brands. This will open a list of your current brands.


  1. On the brand you want to set up tracking for, click the Affiliate Links icon. This will open the Affiliate Links window as well as any affiliate link groups you already have for the brand.


  1. Click New Link.


  1. In Step 1. Link Details, fill in the following fields: 
    • Name (Internal): how your link will appear to you in GRIN
    • Attribution Window: for how many days a purchase will be eligible as a conversion after a creator’s affiliate link is used
  2. Set Do you use a third party app for checkout? to Yes. This will open options to configure tracking for your third party app.
    • Note: By default, the Tracking Domains should automatically fill with your ecommerce store’s URL. If it doesn’t, this means there was an error or you don’t have an ecommerce account connected, and you’ll need to enter the base URL of your store (in the format
  3. Select Recharge from the Script Options dropdown menu. This should be chosen by default.
  4. Click the Copy Script button.


  1. Log into Shopify.
  2. Click Apps. 
  3. Select Recharge. This will open your Recharge dashboard. 
  4. Click the wrench icon. 
  5. Click Checkout. 
  6. Go to the Additional content and scripts section. 
  7. In the Thank you page text box, paste your script you copied in step 7. If there are already existing scripts in the text box, paste your script after the last </script> tag. 
  8. Click Save. 

Congrats! Your Recharge checkout service is now set up to report conversions from your creators’ affiliate links. Check out our other articles on how to create affiliate link groups and assign them to your creators so you can start tracking your conversions!

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