What Content is and is not supported by GRIN?

When influencers create content on behalf of the brand, GRIN has the amazing ability to capture this content to be repurposed by the brand and to report on the content's metrics. However, in order to capture this content, there needs to be a few criteria met on both the brand's and influencer's side. 

First, influencers will need to be added to GRIN as contacts. Next, these influencers will need to be added to collaborations, such as, campaigns or partnerships. Last, the influencers will need to sync their social media on their campaign proposals that both lets GRIN know where to look for content and are given permission to do so (specifically for Instagram stories). 

GRIN supports content collection from the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitch, but in some cases we are unable and currently do not support certain types of content from these platforms. 

In this article, you will learn:


What content does GRIN support?

GRIN supports the following content and is able to pull in the content once the influencer's social media network is synced on their contact profile. 

  • Instagram grid posts
  • OAuthed Influencer Instagram Stories (please see non-supported content for Non-OAuthed)
  • Facebook posts and videos
  • Twitter posts
  • Twitch videos
  • Youtube videos
  • TikTok videos


What content does GRIN not Support?

In some cases, GRIN is unable to pull in specific supported network content types. This is due to either the content is not supported by the networks API or permissions need to be granted by the influencer before the content can be pulled. 

  • Instagram IGTV
  • Instagram Reels
  • Non-OAuthed Influencer Instagram Stories (permissions required)
  • Instagram Stories solely with stickers in place of typed in mentions/hashtags 
  • Facebook Stories
  • Twitter Stories (i.e. fleet)


How can I capture unsupported content? 

While we are unable to capture some content types, this should not prevent you from instructing your influencers from posting these media types. There are other ways to capture these content types so your influencers are able to be as creative as possible to promote your brand. 

  • As long as Instagram Reels and IGTV are also posted on the Instagram main grid, then GRIN will be able to capture the content and metrics.
  • If an Instagram story is posted with a sticker or by an influencer that is not OAuthed, then they will need to upload the content and metrics within the Deliverable task on their Live URL. Only one story frame and metrics screenshot combo can be uploaded for each deliverable task.
  • For Facebook stories, this content can be uploaded raw within the Other Uploads section of the Live URL. Unfortunately, metrics cannot be captured using this method.
  • For Twitter Stories, this content can be uploaded raw within the Other Uploads section of the Live URL. Unfortunately, metrics cannot be captured using this method.


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