How To Connect Your TikTok to GRIN

Use this guide to learn how to sync your TikTok account to GRIN or specifically during the Proposal submission process. Once connected, the brand you are working with will be able to pull in your content and content metrics that contain the provided hashtags/mentions. If your content does not contain the hashtags/mentions then GRIN will not be able to pull in your content.

Step 1 Open a new tab and navigate to your Live URL.

Step 2 Follow the steps on the proposal until you are under the Social Networks tab. Click Connect next to TikTok.


Step 3 Next, you will be requested to add in your TikTok handle in order to sync your account. Enter your handle including the @ symbol and click Connect TikTok.



You may notice that your TikTok has already been connected when you first attempt to submit a proposal. Since your TikTok account only requires a soft connection instead of a confirmation by logging in, then your TikTok account can be added and connected to your main profile account on the brand's side.




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