How to Download Influencer Uploaded Files

Once you've created your campaign you're able to track your campaign progress which involves the content that is both uploaded by your influencers and pulled in automatically when connected via OAuth

In this guide, you will learn how to locate the uploaded influencer files and how to download the files to be used outside of GRIN. 


How to View & Download Influencer Uploaded Files

Influencer files are content that your influencers have uploaded manually on their unique Live URL. Uploaded files can be content submitted for approval within General Upload before posting on social media or content meant to be used by the brand solely. 

Step 1 Within the navigation bar, click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Campaign image or the Campaign Work Room icon.

Step 3 Click on the Progress tab.


Step 4 In the Uploaded Files column, click the eye icon to view all the content that has been uploaded by your influencer. 

Step 5 Click on a file to open a quick view of the content. 


Step 6 Once you have viewed and determined you would like to download the content, click the download icon under the file image. 






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