12-2020 Campaign Work Room Tables Redesign

Launching Tuesday 12/1

The Campaign Work Room tables are getting an upgrade!

The purpose of our redesign is to enable you to take action more quickly by introducing quick filters and moving the bulk actions to the top of the table. Additionally, you can now choose from several new columns that can be added to the tables. 

Learn more about the Campaign Workroom here! 

Image from Gyazo


Important Changes to Note:


You can now add and remove columns on the Campaign Work Room tables to customize your work flow. 

Hover actions for individual contacts have been moved to the right side of the page. The "Manage" button that navigates you to the Contact Profile has been removed. Clicking on the contact's name will navigate you to the Contact Profile.


Filters have been relocated to the left side of the page.

Within the Filters menu, there are quick filters and advanced filters.

Bulk Actions

The bulk actions menu has been removed, and bulk action will appear at the top of the table when contacts are selected.

Some bulk actions appear in an overflow drop-down menu. 


For a limited time, you will have access to the Legacy View (old work room tables) by clicking the Legacy View link in the Campaign Work Room header. 



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