Influencer Whitelisting - Lumanu Integration


Whitelisting Overview

Influencer whitelisting is the process of influencers and creators granting advertising permissions to brands or partners to use their handles, content, and audience targeting. The process of influencer whitelisting ultimately allows brands to work with influencers who create compelling content and who connect with an audience that is receptive to social recommendations.

Simply put, “influencer whitelisting” is the influencer granting advertiser access to their Instagram account and Facebook page, allowing brand partners to optimize paid media behind influencer content.

GRIN x Lumanu Integration

GRIN is proud to offer a direct integration with the leading creator whitelisting platform, Lumanu (  Lumanu is the easiest, quickest way to get your creators to share advertising permissions, media assets and first party data with you in one click. Lumanu also seamlessly integrates with Ads Manager, allowing you to elevate your paid social with creator identities and audiences. 


Integration Overview

The GRIN x Lumanu integration allows you to accomplish two primary objectives:

  1. Send influencers your branded sign up URL to initiate the whitelisting process.
  2. Keep track of the whitelisting status for all your influencers.

Getting Connected

In order to take advantage of the GRIN x Lumanu integration, you must have a Lumanu account and have completed the first phase of onboarding with the Lumanu team. Once that is complete, all it takes is a simple request to your CSM at GRIN to get connected. Browse to "Account Settings" > "Whitelisting Integration" and you will see a "Get In Touch" button, click that button to send the request.

Whitelisting Sign Up URL

As part of your Lumanu onboarding, you will have access to your branded sign up URL, which is where creators will go to grant whitelisting access. GRIN will make your sign up URL available as an email variable and as a copyable input in your "Whitelisting Integration" settings.


You can use this sign up URL in your email templates, sequences and/or one off emails to start the process of whitelisting for one or more creators. If they sign up URL ever changes for your account, GRIN will automatically detect that and ensure it remains correct.


Tracking Creator Whitelisting Status

Once you start to send your sign up URL to creators, GRIN will automatically keep track of their whitelisting status. Anytime the status for one of your creators changes, those updates will be reflected in GRIN.

You will have access to two new columns under "Program" > "My Influencers" > "Columns".

  1. Whitelisting Status (the current status for the influencer)
  2. Whitelisting Status Updated Date (the last time the status was updated for the influencer)


Whitelisting Statuses

There are four possible statuses for any given creator.

  • Not Started - The influencer has not created an account with Lumanu yet.
  • In Progress - The influencer has created an account but not completed the process.
  • Granted - The influencer has successfully granted whitelisting access.Instagram or has not.
  • Disconnected - Access was granted in the past but has been removed or revoked.

You can also filter your influencers by their whitelisting status, to see which creators have granted access, which creators are in progress and which creators have not started the process.



That is all there is to know about the GRIN x Lumanu integration! If you already have a Lumanu account, send a request to your CSM to get connected! If you do not have a Lumanu account, your CSM can put you in touch with their team to get started.






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