Coming Soon: Updates to Campaign Payments & Redesigned Influencer, Prospect, & Applicant tables

We're excited to announce a few updates & improvements that we have in coming soon to the platform! 

Campaign Work Room - Payments Updates

Launching 9/30/2020

We've listened to your feedback, and will be returning the Payments table in the Campaign Work Room to display the roll-up per Influencer of payments made and balance owed. The "Send Payments" modal will once again display all Payment Items for each Influencer selected when making payments, however the Payment Items will be paginated within the Send Payments modal. This will improve performance issues experienced with the previous "Send Payments" modal. 

Influencer, Prospect, & Applicant Tables Redesign

Launching 10/1/2020

We're redesigning and rebuilding the tables across the entire platform - starting with the Influencer, Prospect, and Applicant tables.

  • The purpose of the redesign is to allow for more flexibility by enabling users to add columns & use advanced filters on all of the main tables across the platform.
  • Additionally, we'll present contextual bulk actions for all of the tables across the platform - moving the bulk actions out of the action menu and instead presenting them at the top of the table, making it easier for users to take action on Contacts. 

Sneak Preview:

Image from Gyazo



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