I'm Receiving an Invalid Email Error When Creating an Order

This guide will go through how to resolve a "Customer - Email contains an invalid domain name" error message when attempting to create an influencer order. This issue will typically happen when the influencer email entered into their shipping address fields is incorrect. Follow the steps below to learn how to resolve this.

In this article, you will learn:

How to adjust the shipping email entered within the campaign work room

Step 1 Click on Programs and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on Campaign Work Room.


Step 3 Go to the Fulfillment tab and click on the influencer's shipping address.


Step 4 Click on the pencil icon for the primary shipping address.


Step 5 Correct the error in the email and click Save Address.


How to adjust the shipping email entered within the influencer's profile

Step 1 Click on the influencer to enter the influencer's profile.


Step 2 Scroll down to the influencer Shipping Addresses section and click on the pencil icon.


Step 3 Review and modify the email address if it was incorrectly entered. If the email is correctly entered please reach out to support@grin.co





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