How to Connect Facebook and Instagram

Use this guide to learn how to connect your Instagram and Facebook in order to sync your Instagram to GRIN, specifically via the OAuth verification which is a required Facebook authentication.  To connect via the OAuth connection, you will need an Instagram business or creator account that is linked to a Facebook business page. The OAuth verification is a requirement by Facebook that allows Grin to pull in Instagram content, stories, and their metrics. This does not give us access to your login or private information.


When connecting your Instagram business account make sure to be logged out of your Facebook page on your device. Once prompted to log in via Facebook, make sure you log in to the Facebook page connected to the Instagram account you will be delivering your content to.


Use the following steps in order to learn how to:

Step 1 Create an Instagram Business or Creator Account

Step 2 Create a Facebook Business Page

Step 3 Connect IG Business Account to FB Business Page

Create an Instagram Business or Creator Account

The first step is to create an Instagram Business Account. Not only will this be used for the OAuth Connection but also, according to Instagram, a great way to get insights about your stories, posts, and followers.

Step 1 Log in to your Instagram account on a mobile device. 


Creating an Instagram Business or Creator Account cannot be completed on a desktop computer and only a mobile device. 

Step 2 Click the profile icon on the bottom right. 


Step 3 Click the Edit Profile button. 


Step 4 Click the Switch to Professional Account link.


Step 5 Choose 'Which Best Describes You?', a Creator or Business account. Both options will be accepted on the Live URL platform.


Step 6 Choose a category that best describes what you do and click Next.


Step 7 Review your Contact Info or choose Don't use my contact info.

Step 8 Click Go to Profile >, to view your business Instagram account. 



Once you have converted your Instagram account into a business or Creator account, you will need to sync it with your Facebook business page, in order to sync your accounts via OAuth. 


How to Create a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook profile is a personal account that can be used to connect with friends, etc. However, creating a Facebook page allows you to have access to more tools and the ability to reach a wider audience. 


Facebook business pages can only be created within an existing Facebook account. 

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook account and click the menu icon on the bottom right. 

Step 2 Click Pages.


Step 3 Click the + Create button.


Step 4 Click Get Started.


Step 5 Select the category that best describes the Page you want to create. 


Step 6 Name your Page.

Step 7 Add the link to your website or click the box for I don't have a website, then click Next


Step 8 Add a Cover Photo and Profile Picture for your page, then click Next.


Step 9 Admire your new Facebook Business Page.


How to Connect an IG Business or Creator Account to a FB Business Page

Once you have both a Facebook business page and an Instagram business or Creator account, you are able to connect them together in order to sync via OAuth.


Your Instagram can only be connected to one Facebook page/account at a time. Please log out of all social accounts before linking your accounts together to prevent automatic syncing with the wrong account. 


How to Connect via Instagram

Step 1 Log into your Instagram account and click Edit Profile

Step 2 Under Public Business Information, select Page.


Step 3 Click Login to Facebook and click Continue on the popup.


Step 4 Click Open and select the Facebook with the created Facebook business page. 


Step 5 Click Continue as (Facebook account) to allow Instagram to access your Facebook account. 


Step 6 Congrats! You are now connected or if you have multiple pages, select the correct Facebook business page to connect to and click done



How to Connect via Facebook

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook account, click the menu icon, and select your Facebook Business Page.  


Step 2 Click the settings icon on the top right corner of your Facebook Business Page. 


Step 3 Select Instagram and on the next page, click the Connect Account button.


Step 4 Enter your Instagram Business or Creator Account login information and click the Log In button. 


Step 5 Confirm your Instagram Account is Connected.  



Once your Instagram and Facebook are set up you will now be able to sync your Instagram to the Live Site, Landing page, or Brand

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