07-2020 Network Connection Status Visibility

Having Influencers connect their social account(s) is crucial to being able to reliably pull in their Campaign and Partnership content and content stats, so we're excited to announce our new set of features that will provide visibility into Influencers' social network connection status for all Social Media networks. 


Networks Column Update

The Networks column has been updated to include an indicator on each social network letting you know of the Influencer’s network connection status.

Green indicates that they are OAuth Connected and grey indicates a “soft connection”, meaning that the Influencer’s network URL is added to their contact profile within GRIN, but they have not authenticated through GRIN.


When you hover over one of the social icons, you’ll view details related to the connection status. This is especially important for Instagram, as there are different account types (Creator, Standard or Private). Instagram recently made a change to their API that requires an Influencer to authenticate with a Creator account in order for us to reliably pull in creator content and content stats.


The Networks column is available in the following tables:

  • Contacts > Influencers
  • Contacts > Prospects
  • Contacts > Applicants
  • Campaign Work Room > Influencers
  • Campaign Work Room > Proposals
  • Campaign Work Room > Progress


Network Status on Contact Profile

The Network status is also viewable within the Contact Profile below the Influencer’s profile image. You are able to link out to the influencer's network profiles by clicking on the respective handle within the popup for Network Status.  



Instagram Account Type & Connection Filters

In the tables where the Networks column is available, you will be able to filter by Instagram Account Type, so that you can easily find which Influencers are connected with their Creator account (or not).


Additionally, you can also filter by Instagram Connection (OAuth with or without Story Insights), so that you can find influencers who are fully connected via OAuth with Graph connection, so that their IG Story Insights will automatically pull into your Campaigns and Partnerships.



Live URL Manage Networks Page

On the Live URL, we have added a Manage Networks page that can be accessed from the Live URL Dashboard. This is important so that you can direct Influencers to connect their network if they have not done so.


To assist with Influencer outreach regarding network connections, we have added a Manage Networks URL variable in the Email modal, so that you can link Influencers directly to the Manage Networks page on the Live URL.





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