Connecting Social Networks Common Questions

While filling out the campaign proposal and/or participating in a partnership you will be asked to sync your social accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. that pertain to the tasks your Brand is requesting you to accomplish. 

You may have some questions, as to why you need to sync your accounts in the first place, why when connecting Instagram you are led to signing into Facebook, and what you are agreeing to in permissions. 

We've detailed the answers to these questions below amongst others that will help you understand the Live URL better. 


In this article, we've answered common Live Site questions, such as:


What is GRIN?

At various points, while filling out the Live URL you may see the name GRIN or when following instructions given by the brand you are working with.  

GRIN is the #1 influencer marketing software to help D2C brands manage influencer marketing programs at scale. Our software helps brands identify high-quality influencers, automate email outreach, activate campaigns, develop authentic relationships with influencers, and in-depth reporting tools to analyze the success of campaigns. GRIN is the only end-to-end solution designed to create an authentic connection between influencer and brand while providing true revenue attribution that measures the success of influencer marketing.


What happens when I connect my Social Accounts? 

The Brand you are working with, when providing instructions during your collaboration, will ask you to sync your social accounts and add specific #Hashtags and/or @Mentions to your social posts. 

Both of these steps are needed in order for your content to be pulled into the GRIN platform to be reviewed by the Brand. When you connect your social accounts, authorization tokens are used, instead of passwords, to confirm identity between the Influencer and GRIN (on behalf of the Brand). 

When your accounts are synced, GRIN will know where to scan for content and will pull in content only with the required #Hashtags and/or @Mentions.


When connecting to Instagram, why am I requested to log into Facebook? 

On June 29th, 2020 Facebook who owns Instagram depreciated their original Instagram API which originally allowed Grin to pull in content and metrics from a 'soft connection' or just syncing through Instagram.

This original API allowed non-creator, non-business, and private accounts to grant third party access to wall posts and their metrics, however, the new API made by Facebook took the direction of supporting creator and business accounts rather than personal/ private accounts. The direction Facebook is taking is a direct response to social media privacy concerns that have been highlighted over the last few years. 

For these reasons, GRIN has changed the Instagram connection to be in line with this new industry standard. The new connection now requires an OAuth connection or syncing through a Facebook business page connected to an Instagram business/creator account. 

Learn how to connect your Instagram account here


What is OAuth and why do I need to set up my social networks this way? 

At some point the Brand you are working with may ask you to reconnect your social accounts so you are connected via an OAuth connection. 

What is OAuth?
OAuth is an industry-standard authorization protocol that is commonly used as a way for Influencers to grant their partners secure access to their social information, without giving them access to their passwords.

Syncing through Oauth does NOT give brands any personal information that isn't shared on your public profile nor access to your personal messages. It simply grants them permission to pull in content (such as Instagram stories and posts) along with metrics like comments, shares, impressions and likes, which are used to analyze the success of the content.

Why is OAuth needed?

An OAuth connection is needed in order to access Influencer content and the associated metrics across social media platforms. When an Influencer connects their social account, authorization tokens are used, instead of passwords, to confirm identity between the Influencer and GRIN (on behalf of the Brand). 

How does OAuth work?

OAuth can be a single or a multi-step process, depending on the social network being connected. The important thing to note is that the process is facilitated by the social network (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) and not the partner. During the connection process, the Influencer grants specific permissions to access posts, stories, metrics, and audience data. Connecting an account does not give GRIN or the Brand any personal information outside of what is shared on the Influencer’s profile. 


Note: Brands can choose to set up a campaign without requiring an OAuth connection if they choose to.  This gives the option for influencer's to still participate in a campaign if they do not have, or do not wish to use, both Facebook and Instagram, however, linking to the campaign using a soft connection will not allow stories to automatically pull from Instagram and the story insights will need to be manually uploaded by the influencer.


What permissions are required when syncing my accounts and what do they mean?

When going through the process of syncing your accounts for the first time on the Live Site you'll be asked to grant permissions to Grin. All permissions displayed will need to be agreed upon in order to pull in posts, videos, story content, and data: 

  • Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post content into GRIN.
  • Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post and story insights into GRIN.
  • Show a list of the Pages you manage
    • The purpose of this permission is to know which page is connected to the Instagram account for the purposes of getting story content and insights. 
  • Read content posted on the Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post & story content into GRIN.
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to allow GRIN to know when a story has expired and to get the complete insights data for the story.


What should I do if I get an error message while trying to connect my accounts?



If you receive this connection failed message please go through the following steps to troubleshoot.




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