Why are Taxes Withheld for my Payments

If you opt not to provide your Social Security Number or a Tax Identification Number (TIN), then you will be subject to a 30% withholding from all payments made to you. To avoid the 30% withholding please provide your Social Security Number or a TIN.

We understand that there may be concerns about providing your Social Security Number, however, we can assure you that all information provided on the tax forms are kept confidential. If you have already filed a W-9 or W-8BEN for non-U.S. individuals you can always refile a new tax form within the "Settings" tab of your Live URL dashboard. The steps below will guide you through filing a new tax form.

Step 1 Open a tab with your Live URL. This is the link that the brand sent you with the campaign details.

Step 2 Click on the Settings page. 

Step 3 In the Payout Info section, click + Complete a Tax Form and follow the instructions. 




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