How to Help your Influencers be Successful using GRIN

When you’re setting up your influencer marketing program, it’s important to learn how influencers will interact with you while using GRIN. With a better understanding, you are more equipped to guide your influencers to be successful, efficient, and have an overall positive experience. 

The best starting place to assist your influencers is to have an awareness of how they will be using GRIN. And the best way to have awareness is to go through the Influencer process step by step. Once you've gained a working understanding of the Influencer experience, you'll be able to guide and troubleshoot with your influencers because you've done it before.

In this article, we will discuss:


Learning the Influencer Experience

Before continuing onto the next steps, it is important to go ahead and set up a campaign and establish the tasks and requirements that you would like your influencers to complete while working with your Brand. If you're not sure of the direction you would like to take, please refer to GRIN's blog!

Once you have created your campaign, the next steps, as stated below, are to go through the entire influencer experience from receiving the exciting initial email, submitting the Live Site aka campaign proposal, reviewing conversions, etc.


Step 1 The first step is to create a test contact or if you have a social presence on Instagram you can use GRIN's Chrome Extension

Step 2 Add your new contact to a Campaign and/or Partnership

Step 3 Compose your outreach email or use a template and send yourself the Influencer Live URL

Step 4 Click on the Live Site link from within the outreach email and fill out and submit a proposal

Step 5 Once the proposal is submitted, go back to GRIN and review the proposal to be accepted or declined. Are you going to send automated emails for acceptance or declines or will you send an email template notifying your influencer they are accepted or rejected from your campaign? 

Step 6 Review the Live Site after accepting the proposal, notice the following:

Step 7 If you are planning on paying out your influencers through GRIN, they will have to submit payment information and a tax form. Locate the Payment Info section under the Settings tab of the Live Site and proceed to fill out the forms or review the steps on how to submit Payout Information


At this point, I am sure you have some questions or better yet tweaks you would like to make to your campaigns or partnerships to cater more towards your ideal influencer experience.

Below are common influencer questions that may clear up any confusion you may have had while filling out the Live URL, otherwise, please reach out to GRIN support!


Common Influencer Related Questions

While using Grin, influencers have reached out with questions from syncing their social accounts to understanding why they need to submit Payment forms. We've answered these questions below with the most important question 'Why?', while linking out to the second-best question, 'How?'.

We also have an influencer-facing article that answers the following questions in the influencer's point of view. If an influencer reaches out regarding any of these questions please provide them the article Connecting Social Networks Common Questions.  


What information should I provide my influencer within their Live URL? 

Communication is key. The Campaign and Partnership provide all the necessary fields to include what you need to provide your influencer from what you require from what the focus the collaboration will be to the tasks required. 

When setting up the campaign, layout what you would like for your influencers to accomplish while in the collaboration. How much content should they post, how often, and what type? Do you want to review the content before they post on their accounts? 

Make sure to include in detail what you would like for your influencers to accomplish within each field when setting up a Campaign and Partnership.  


How does GRIN pull in Influencer Content? 

While setting up a campaign or partnership, GRIN will ask you to select a specific Network Task for your influencers to complete and to add #Hashtags and/or @Mentions for your influencers to add to their social posts. 

Both of these steps are needed in order for GRIN to be notified where to scan for content and what to scan for. The last key step is for your influencers to sync their social accounts which allows GRIN to know who to scan, as well as, gaining the permission to pull in content. 

Currently, only the last 12 posts are scanned and pulled in from influencer social profiles. Any additional posts from your influencers can be manually added.


How do my Influencers review their Conversions and Payouts?

Once an influencer submits their proposal they are able to now view the full Live URL Dashboard, which includes the Payouts tab.

The Payouts tab displays ‘Your Payments’ which is a list of all the payments that have been sent to your influencer for various reasons displayed in the ‘For’ column. Below the ‘Your Payments’ section is ‘Your Conversions’, which displays the commissions earned based on sales made from either their discount code or affiliate link.


Social Network Connection Questions

While applying through a proposal, it is important for influencers to sync their accounts via an OAuth connection in order for content and content data to be accurately pulled into the Grin platform. 


What is OAuth and why do my influencers need to set up their social networks this way? 

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an industry-standard authorization protocol that is commonly used as a way for Influencers to grant their partners secure access to their social information, without giving them access to their passwords.

Why is OAuth needed?

An OAuth connection is needed in order to access Influencer content and the associated metrics across social media platforms. When an Influencer connects their social account, authorization tokens are used, instead of passwords, to confirm identity between the Influencer and GRIN (on behalf of the Brand). 

How does OAuth work?

OAuth can be a single or a multi-step process, depending on the social network being connected. The important thing to note is that the process is facilitated by the social network (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) and not the partner. During the connection process, the Influencer grants specific permissions to access posts, stories, metrics, and audience data. Connecting an account does not give GRIN or the Brand any personal information outside of what is shared on the Influencer’s profile. 


When connecting to Instagram, why am I requested to log into Facebook? 

On June 29th, 2020 Facebook depreciated their original Instagram API which originally allowed Grin to pull in content and metrics from a 'soft connection' or just syncing through Instagram. This original API allowed non-creator, non-business, and private accounts to grant third party access to wall posts and their metrics, however, the new API made by Facebook took the direction of supporting creator and business accounts rather than personal/ private accounts. The direction Facebook is taking is a direct response to social media privacy concerns that have been highlighted over the last few years. 

For the reasons stated above, GRIN has changed the Instagram connection to be in line with this new industry standard. The new connection now requires an OAuth connection or syncing through a Facebook business page connected to an Instagram business/creator account.


How can I confirm my influencer is connected via OAuth?

GRIN has taken steps to ensure you have visibility into your influencers' connection status and what content is able to be pulled in based on their connection. OAuth connection (Green icon) allows IG stories, posts, and metrics to be pulled in while a soft connection (Gray icon) only allows IG posts and metrics to be pulled in.  

If you've determined you would like your influencers to sync via OAuth rather than a soft connection you are able to communicate with your influencers regarding their connection status by sending an email with a variable linking directly to their Live URL Network Connection Status page to resync. 


What permissions are required when syncing social accounts? And what do they mean?

When an influencer goes through the process of connecting their account, they will encounter a step that asks what permissions to grant GRIN. These are the permissions GRIN requires in order to pull in content and data:

  • Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post content into GRIN.
  • Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post and story insights into GRIN.
  • Show a list of the Pages you manage
    • The purpose of this permission is to know which page is connected to the Instagram account for the purposes of getting story content and insights.
  • Read content posted on the Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to pull post & story content into GRIN.
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page
    • The purpose of this permission is to allow GRIN to know when a story has expired and to get the complete insights data for the story.



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