Why Hasn't my Influencer's Post Pulled In

There could be several reasons why an influencer's content has not pulled in. Keep in mind that posts are not pulled in immediately, It will take a few hours for our system to search for the content based on the tracking mentions and hashtags that are set up for the campaign or partnership.

However, if it has been several hours and the content has not pulled in, then there could be several reasons for this. Below you will find a few common issues to look out for if a post has yet to pull in.

  1. For IG stories, it is required for the influencer to connect via the OAuth connection. This is a requirement from Facebook that gives us the ability to pull in and influencers' stories and metrics. 
  2. For IG stories, stickers used for the tracking mentions and/or hashtags cannot be recognized as Instagram does not include these in their API responses. 


  1. The influencer is in multiple campaigns with the same tracking mentions and hashtags. If there are no delivery dates set or if the influencer is not paused in the other active campaigns, then the content may pull into the initial campaign they participated in. In this case, go through any other campaigns to review if the content exists within them. 
  2. Using the mention directly in the photo of the post. this makes it difficult for our system to pick up. It is best practice for the influencers to use the tracking mentions/hashtags in the caption of the post.
  3. In the campaign setup, the tasks will determine which networks are crawled for content using your hashtags, so make sure that you have tasks for the networks you want content pulled from. e.g. If you are not seeing any IG content pulled in, confirm that you do not have your tasks set for Youtube. 



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