How to Verify my Account

This article will take you through the steps on how to verify your account in order to access your Live URL settings. This guide will also take you through how to troubleshoot common issues such as being looped back to a verification message each visit to your dashboard or receiving an error upon verifying your account.


You do not require a login and you do not need to create a password for GRIN. As a Creator, you can access all the campaign information through your Live URL. This is your unique link used to review your campaign details and submit a proposal. You will simply need to verify your account in order to access your settings.


In this article, you will learn:

How to Verify your Account via Email

Step 1 Open a tab with your Live URL.

Step 2 Click on Verify Now.



Step 3 Click on Email Link.



Step 4 You will receive an email from GRIN. Click on Verify.



Step 5 Once verified you will be redirected to the Settings tab of your Live URL (Dashboard). If desired, you can continue to add your payment information.


How to Verify your Account via Instagram or Facebook

Step 1 Open a tab with your Live URL.

Step 2 Click on Verify Now.


Step 3 Click on Login to Instagram or Login to Facebook.


Step 4 You will then be direct to Facebook. Login to the Facebook account that your Instagram is linked with.


When logging in, make sure to use the same Facebook login information that you used in order to connect your Instagram and/or Facebook account(s) for your collaboration. If you attempt to use a different login, then the verification will fail.


Step 5 Select your Instagram account and click Next.


If you select to verify your account via your Facebook login, then you will only be asked to select your Facebook page. Make sure to select the same Facebook page that you connected for your brand collaboration or the verification will fail.


Step 6 Select the Facebook page that your Instagram is linked with and click Next.


Step 7 Enable all the permissions and click Done.


Step 8 Lastly, click on OK and you should then have access to your "Settings" tab, which indicates that you've successfully verified your account.


How to Troubleshoot Verifications Errors

The most common issues during the account verification process are running into an error message or being lead back to a verification message. If you are receiving either a "Verification Failed" or a "Your session has timed out, refreshing" error message, then please follow the steps below to resolve these issues. If you are still unable to verify your account after following these steps please email

Step 1 Open a new tab with your Live URL.

Step 2 Right-click on the screen and select Inspect.


Step 3 Click on Applications.


Step 4 Double click on Cookies.


Step 5 Right-click on the URL the contains and select clear.


Step 6 Click on Verify now and follow the steps in the prior section.



I'm Asked to Verify Each Time I Visit my Dashboard

If you are asked to verify your account each time you visit your dashboard, then this will be due to the type of browser you are using. When verifying your account, a token will be saved within your browser's cookies. This token indicates to our system that you have already verified your account using that specific browser. If you are asked to verify repeatedly, then keep an eye out for the following.

  1. Clearing your cookies & cache - This will remove the verification token from your cookies.
  2. Using different devices and/or browsers - The token will not exist in the new browser/device so you'll be asked to verify again.
  3. Using a private/incognito window - Private/incognito windows do not save cookies so the verification token will not be saved, which will lead to repeatedly having to verify.
  4. Verifying via Instagram direct messages - Similar to privates windows, IG's in-app browser does not save cookies, so you'll be asked to verify each time.




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