How Creators Review Campaign Information

Within the Live URL, after the submitted proposal is accepted, you are able to review campaign information, such as network tasks, compensation, content rights, etc.

It is important to go back and review campaign information to realign with the requirements your brand expects of you for campaign tasks. 

Step 1 First, go to your Live URL and scroll down to the section Your Campaigns

Step 2 Under your Campaign, click My Proposals



Step 3 Under the Accepted Proposal, click View Details.



Step 4 Here you will be able to view the campaign information starting with, the hashtags and mentions that will need to be included in your Network posts. In addition to including the hashtags and mentions within your posts, you will need to include, if applicable, affiliate links and codes



Step 5 Scrolling down, you will see a review of the compensation you will receive for participating in the campaign be it product, payment, commission, or all three. 



Step 6 Following compensation, you are able to review the tasks and associated networks that you will need to complete and if needed deliver the content before or after posting. 



Step 7 After reviewing your campaign tasks, you can view the shipping address you provided, personal information, and the agreed-upon content rights

If you need to change your shipping and or contact information you are able to do so within the Settings tab of your Live Site.  





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