How to Change Contact Information

This guide will be going over how to change an influencer's contact information. An influencer's contact information can be changed at any time within their profile. An influencer can also directly update their own contact information through their Live URL.

In the article, you will learn:

How to Update an Influencers Contact Information

Step 1 Click on Contacts, in the navigation bar, and select Prospects or My Influencers.

Step 2 Search for the influencer and click on their name to enter their profile.


Step 3 Scroll down to Contact Information and adjust any information needed.


Step 4 Scroll down to Shipping Addresses and click on the pencil icon to edit the current address (hover over the title to view icons) or click Add Address to create a new one.


How an Influencer can Update Their own Contact Information

Step 1 Open a tab with your Live URL.

Step 2 Click on Settings.


Step 3 Scroll down to Shipping Info to make changes to the current address on file and click Update.


Step 4 Scroll down to Contact Information to make changes to your email or phone number and click Update.




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