GRIN How-To Videos | How to Create and Assign Affiliate Links

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GRIN How-To Videos | How to Create and Assign Affiliate Links

  • 0:00 - 1:02 Intro to Affiliate Links
  • 1:02 - 4:16 Step 1: Create an Affiliate Link Group
  • 4:16 - 5:29 Step 2: Assign Affiliate Link Groups to Campaigns
  • 5:29 - 6:25 Step 3: Assign Affiliate Links to Influencers



In order to complete the steps to set up Affiliate Links, you will need to set up Affiliate Integration, create a campaign, and add influencers to a campaign

If you use a third-party checkout please refer to the article here to set up tracking. 

You also have the option to add in parameters that can be used for additional tracking with tracking sites like Google Analytics. Learn more here on how to set up UTM parameters. 


Videos not your style? Please visit the article Setting up Affiliate Tracking (Any Website) to have a different learning experience. 

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