05-2020: Introducing Campaigns and Live URL v2!

All existing v1 Campaigns will be upgraded to v2 on October 5, 2020.

We're excited to announce the upcoming release of the new Live URL!

Based on customer feedback, we've made some changes to the Live URL campaign proposal submission flow in order to add validation and improve error messaging, as well as improve the Instagram Creator authentication flow for Instagram Stories. 

In order to use the new Live URL, you'll need to use Campaigns v2, which has some changes to the Campaigns set-up flow to support the new Live URL. 

Campaign Changes

  • Steps have been re-organized and Customization fields are now on each corresponding step. 
  • On the Tracking section, we have added an additional field called Extra Tags. Tags added to this field will appear on the Live URL, but aren't tracked. 

Live URL Changes

  • New UI that walks Influencers through the Campaign Proposal step-by-step.
  • Proposal progress is saved if an Influencer starts but doesn't complete the proposal submission.
  • Increased communication around connecting Instagram Creator account. 

Starting 5/5/20, we invite you to use the new version of the Live URL by selecting Campaign v2 when you create a new Campaign, or click on the Upgrade to v2 button on an active campaign to upgrade the campaign to v2. Read more about how to upgrade here


We recommend testing out Campaigns v2 before upgrading your active campaigns.



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