04-2020: Announcing Our TikTok Integration!

We're excited to announce the launch of our TikTok integration which includes the ability to Search and Recruit TikTok influencers, and the ability to add TikTok tasks and track content in Campaigns and Partnerships.  

TikTok Search

You can now select TikTok by clicking on the Network drop-down in Influencer Search, so that you can find and recruit Influencers whose primary network is TikTok. Additionally, we've added Has TikTok as an option on the Instagram and YouTube search filters. 

TikTok for Campaigns & Partnerships

When configuring a Campaign or Partnership, you'll now have the option to select TikTok as a task type. TikTok content will automatically be pulled into the Content tab in the corresponding Campaign or Partnership once it has been posted. 

On the Live URL

When TikTok tasks are added to a Campaign or Partnership, Influencers will be asked to enter their TikTok username in order to verify their TikTok account. 



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