How Influencers Submit a Proposal on the v2 Live Site

Use the following guide to learn how to submit a Campaign Proposal from reviewing the campaign, reviewing and choosing compensation, syncing social networks, and agreeing to the terms of the collaboration. 

To submit the proposal each section will need to be completed:


Proposal Overview

Once the Live URL is received, influencers will be able to review the campaign overview, tasks, compensation, and a section about the brand before clicking Continue to go through the steps to submit the proposal.



The next page displays the required steps in order to submit a proposal. These steps need to be completed in order to advance to the next step. To begin, click the first section, Compensation




Step 1 of 7 Under Compensation, depending on the agreement with the brand you are working with you may have one or all of the compensation methods including: payment, commission, or product. 

For Payment, state the price you would like to receive for your collaboration, or in some cases, this amount is chosen for you. 

For Commission, you may receive a portion of sales made using your assigned discount code and/or affiliate link. In order for sales to be tracked from your posted content, the code and/or link will need to be used by your followers, so make sure they are easy to access and visible for your followers to use.  

For Product, you are able to choose products from the brand you are working with to use in your posted content. If Product was chosen as a compensation method you are able to continue to the next page to select or view the products you would like to receive.  



Step 2 of 7 If products are set as a compensation method, then you are able to select the products under Step 2 of the Live site.

Click Add product and go through the steps to select your products. Once selected, you are able to edit the options or delete the products to choose others. Once your products have been selected, then click the arrow on the bottom right.  



Review Tasks

Step 3 of 7 Once compensation has been reviewed, you are able to view the tasks you are required to complete under 'Review Tasks'. Tasks are separated by the required tasks and optional tasks. Each task can be reviewed by clicking the task to see additional details and instructions. You are able to add optional tasks that you can opt in to complete by clicking the plus button next to the task.  


Hashtags and mentions, seen on this step, are required to be added to all of the content posted about the brand you are working with. The mentions and hashtags are used to track the content that you are posting to ensure the tasks are being completed. 



The social media associated with the task(s) selected will need to be connected in order to submit the proposal.


Social Networks

Step 4 of 7 Under the next step 'Social Networks', you will be connecting your social networks in order for your content, containing the hashtags and mentions, to be pulled in to be reviewed, and depending on the terms agreed, repurposed. 


Connecting your social accounts does not give us any private information or access to your private messages. To read more on the permissions required to connect your social accounts please refer to Connecting Social Networks Common Questions.



For Instagram tasks you will be asked to connect via OAuth. OAuth is an extra step to ensure and authenticate your accounts for both Facebook and Instagram. This authentication allows us to pull in Instagram story content and metrics.  


Shipping Information

Step 5 of 7 Under 'Shipping Information', enter your current shipping address so your brand can send you products that you have chosen and as a record for future collaborations. 



Personal Information

Step 6 of 7 Under 'personal information', enter the required and optional fields for the brand you are working so they are able to get to know you more. 



Content Rights

Step 7 of 7 Under 'Content Rights', read through and accept the Terms & Conditions in order to submit the proposal.  



Review and Submit 

The final step is to review your filled out proposal and, if needed, to go back and make any necessary changes by clicking the edit icon next to each section before hitting the Submit proposal button. 



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