How to Schedule Campaign Dates on a v2 Campaign

Use the following guide to schedule dates for accepting proposals and viewing content delivery. If you use the same hashtags and mentions, then scheduling dates will help to prevent content from previous campaigns from pulling into new campaigns.

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Edit Campaign Details icon.
Step 3 Under 'Step 1. Campaign Settings', scroll to 'Campaign Dates', and select Scheduled.


Step 4 Under 'Accepting Proposals', input the earliest and latest dates you want to accept influencer proposals and enter a "Header Text" to inform your influencers. 

Step 5 Under 'Content Delivery', enter the earliest and latest dates to pull in influencer content and enter a "Header Text" to inform your influencers. 


Any content or proposals made outside of these dates will not be accepted and pulled into the GRIN platform. 


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