How to Submit An Application Through a Landing Page

This article will take you through how to submit an application using a landing page found on a brand's website. An application is submitted to a brand in order to be considered for their influencer program and participate in future campaigns.

Step 1 Enter your email, accept the terms & agreements, and click Get Started.


If you already exist within the brand's program you will receive a "Your application is in progress!" message and you do not need to submit an application. If you are considered for a partnership the brand will reach out to you directly with additional details.


Step 2 Fill in all the required fields and click Next Step.


Make sure that ALL the required fields have been filled out. You will not be able to proceed to the next step without the required fields.


Step 3 Click Connect for the required social media.

 Quick Tip

When connecting Instagram, if you run into issues make sure that you have an IG business or creator account and that it is linked to a Facebook business page. For additional assistance, follow the instructions here. The article that is linked will take you through what is required to connect and how to set up what is required in order to connect.


Step 4 Enter your Instagram handle and click on Connect.


Ensure that you are only using the username *without* the @ sign. Instagram URLs will also result in an error.


Step 5 If already logged in to your Facebook page, click Continue as..., or click Log into another account.


Step 6 Select the Instagram account you would like to use and click Next.


Step 7 Select the Facebook page you would like to use and click Next.


Step 8 Accept all the required permissions and click Done.


Step 9 Click OK.


Step 10  Accept the terms and click Submit Application.




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