How to Set up Instagram Story Tasks in a Campaign

Use the following guide to learn how to set up Instagram story tasks within a campaign. Setting up Instagram stories will give you the ability to pull in your influencer's story content along with the metrics to those stories.

Instagram stories must directly be posted on the influencer's Instagram accounts. Content that is reshared on the influencer's Instagram as a story cannot be detected and will not be pulled in.

Step 1 Click Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Edit Campaign Details icon.

Step 3 In 'Step 6. Tasks", click the New Task button.


Step 4 Scroll down to the Creator Tasks section and select Instagram as the network.


Step 5 For the "Media Type", select Story.


We will not be able to pull in Instagram story content if "Story" is not selected as the media type.


Step 6 Under "Require OAuth Connection?", select Required or Optional


In order to pull Instagram story content and metrics, influences must connect via the OAuth connection. This will require that they have an Instagram creator or business account and that it be linked to a Facebook business page. This is a Facebook requirement that allows permission to pull in an influencer's stories, along with their metrics.


If an Instagram story has been made required, along with the OAuth connection, then influencers will need to sync their Instagram via a Facebook page (OAuth connection). If they do not sync through the OAuth connection they will not be able to select the task or submit a proposal. If influencers are having trouble share this step-by-step guide. It will walk them through the requirements and how to connect via the OAuth.


Step 7 Enter a Task Name


Step 8 For "Required Task?", select Required or Optional


Step 9 Enter your Influencer Requirements for the task and click Save Task.




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