How to Set Up Product Compensation in a v2 Campaign

Use the following guide to learn how to create options for products such as color, size, and flavors. The guide will also go through setting up restrictions on the products your influencers are allowed to select. 

In this guide, you will learn how to:


Import Products into your Brand

Importing products into your brand allows you to assign those products or collections to a campaign for influencers to select from as compensation.

 Quick Tip

Enable your sync settings to eliminate the need to manually update your products, product costs, inventory, and more. Enabling your sync settings can be critical for running your campaign.

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click on Brands.

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


If you are not importing products from your E-commerce store please proceed to the section on how to Create Product Manually


To import products you must first connect your eCommerce store.


Step 3 Click the Import button.


Step 4 Here you have a few options to import products, either individually, by collection, or by smart collection. On each tab, Search for the products or collections and then click import.


Importing Collections adds products from your eCommerce collection and the associating collection 'label' into GRIN for product selection. The products from the collection will, if the sync settings are set up, automatically update inventory, cost, variants, etc. for each product. However, if products are removed from the collection in the eCommerce account then the collection label will NOT be removed within GRIN and the collection association will remain. 

You are able to manually remove the collection label from the product within GRIN by following the steps below. 

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click on Brands.

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


Step 3 Search for the product you have removed from your eCommerce Collection and click the Edit icon under the 'Actions' column. 



Step 4 Under 'Step 1. Product Details', scroll down to Product Collection, and click the remove icon to remove the collection label. 




Create Products Manually 

If your eCommerce store is not integrated, then products must be manually created to be made available as compensation. You are able to add the shipping cost, product options, amount of inventory, and more. 

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click on Brands.

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


Step 3 Click the + New Product button.


Step 4 In 'Step 1. Product Details', add a product name, select a collectionenterproduct description, choose an image, and select if the products have options (size, color, etc). 


If you select 'Yes' to allow product options, 'Step 3. Product Options' and 'Step 4. Product Variants' will appear.


Step 5 In 'Step 2. Price & Shipping', enter the product cost and product MSRP, and identify if the product requires shipping.


Step 6 If you selected 'Yes' to turn on product options, you will proceed to 'Step 3. Product Options'. Add Option Name and Option Values, then click Save Options.


Step 7 In 'Step 4. Product Variants', add the variants for your product options.


Product variants allow you to assign SKU's and different pricing to each individual product for better inventory and shipping management. If you are not using this information you do not need to create variants, they will be created automatically when needed.

product_8.gif Step 8 In 'Step 5. Product Inventory', select whether you want to enable Track Inventory and Track Variant Inventory. 


Once added, products can be sorted into Collections and Collection Groups. Sorting into collections makes it easier for you to present a group of products for your influencers to choose from. 


Export Orders for Fulfillment for Manually Created Products

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 3 Go into the Fulfillment section and select your orders.


Step 4 Click on the blue checkmark and select CSV Export.


Create Product Options and Variants

Adding product options creates an easy way for your influencers to select their size, color, flavor, etc.., rather than the inconvenience of sending emails back and forth to get this information. 


Changing SKU's, options or variants can potentially cause problems between Grin and your E-commerce store. It is recommended only to change SKU's, options or variants on products that were manually created. 

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click Brand.

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


Step 3 Search for an existing product and, under the Actions column, click the Edit Product icon.


Step 4 In 'Step 1. Product Details', under Does this product have options?, select Yes.  


Step 5 Under 'Step 3. Product Options', click the Add Option button.


Step 6 Create an Option Name (e.g. Size), click the Add Value button to add variations (e.g. Small, Medium, etc..), and click Save Option


Step 8 Under 'Step 4. Product Variants', click either the Add Variant or Add All Variants button. 


Step 9 Adjust the cost, price and shipping cost accordingly and click Save in the top right. 



Add Products to Campaign

Once products are added to a campaign, influencers can choose the selected products via their Live URL.

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click Program and select Campaigns

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon. 


Step 3 In 'Step 4. Compensation', select Product as a Compensation Method. 


Step 4 In "Step 5. Select Products", select if you would Allow Product Selection, select if you'd like to Show Prices, enter a Max Number, and select if you'd like to Restrict Products By Collections


Step 5 Scroll down and click on Add Products.


Step 6 Search for the products or product collections that will be made available for selection and click the Add button.


 Quick Tip

Products can be deleted from the campaign by clicking the delete icon next to the added product.


Setting Up Product Collection Restrictions

Set up your campaign so there are restrictions on the types and amount of product influencers can select. For instance, if you have a group of sunglasses and watches, you can set up a restriction so influencers select one watch and two pairs of sunglasses. 

Step 1 From the navigation bar, click Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon. 


Step 3 In 'Step 4. Compensation', select Product as a Compensation Method. 


Step 4 In "Step 5. Select Products", select Yes for Restrict Products By Collections? 


Step 8 In 'Product Collection Restriction', select any, in, or not in.


Adding Product Collections allows you to control how an influencer chooses your products. If there is a restriction then, for example, the influencer will only be able to choose 1 product from collection A and 1 product from collection B.


Step 9 Choose which collection you want each product selection to come from and save.


If collection restrictions are set for product selection, then the influencers will select in the order the restrictions are set. For example, for the screenshot below, Influencers will first be required to select "Product #1" from the "Classic" collection and then they will be able to select "Product #2" from the "Signature" collection.


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