How to Setup a Campaign v2

This guide will walk you through how to set up a campaign. Campaigns are your influencer briefs. They are set up to keep all of the information on your brief organized and in one place in order to manage the progress.  

In this article, you will learn:

How to Setup a Campaign

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the + Create button in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 3 In 'Step 1. Campaign Settings', select a brand, enter an internal campaign title, set a budget, upload a campaign image, select campaign dates, select whether to allow recurring proposals and enable the visibility to influencers.


Step 4  In "'Step 2. Live URL Settings', enter a public campaign titleenter a Campaign preview, enter a campaign description, and upload a cover photo.


Step 5 In 'Step 3. Notification Preferences', enable if you want to send out acceptance and declined proposals notification.


Step 6 In "Step 4. Compensation", begin by entering a compensation title, a compensation description, and select your compensation method(s).


Step 7 If you selected "Payment" as a compensation method, then enter a Payment Compensation Overview, select if you will Allow Influencers To Propose a Price, and select a Payment Method.


For Payment Method, selecting Online Payments simply indicates that the payments will be sent through GRIN directly. The Other option indicates that the influencer payments will be sent outside of the platform.



Step 8 If you selected "Commission" as a compensation method, then enter a Commission Compensation Overview, Select a Discount Group and/or an Affiliate Link Group, and select How Will Commission Be Paid.


In order to assign a discount code or affiliate link group to a campaign, you will first need to create the groups within your brand. These groups hold all the criteria for the links that will be assigned in that particular campaign such as the commission rate, the discount applied, the pattern the links will be generated in, and more. To learn how to create groups click on the Discounts or Affiliate Links.


Step 9 If you selected "Product" as a compensation method, then enter a Product Compensation Overview and click Next to proceed to product selection.


Step 10 In "Step 5. Select Products", begin by entering a Products Title, Products Description, Out of Stock Message, and Shipping Information Description.


Step 11 Next, select whether to Allow Product Selections, Show Prices for the products, enter the Max Number Products that can be selected, enter the Max Product Price, and select whether you want to Restrict Products By Collections.


Step 12 Lastly, for "Step 5. Product Selection", click on Add Products to add the products that can be selected.


In order to add products as compensation, you will first need to import or create products within your brand.


Step 13 In "Step 6. Tasks", begin by entering a Task Title which will be the name of this section on the proposal' form, and a Tasks Description.


Step 14 In the "Creator Tasks" section, click on New Task.


Step 15 For the task select a Network, select a Media Type, enter a Task Name, select if it is a Required Task, enter Influencer Requirements for the task, and click Save Task.


Make sure to select the correct media type for your Instagram tasks. If Photo/Video Posts is selected as the Media Type for an Instagram story task, then we cannot pull in the stories.


If you have created an Instagram Story task keep in mind that the OAuth connection is required in order to pull in stories and metrics. 

The OAuth connection is an authentication protocol that allows brands the ability to have secure designated access without the need to share passwords. Rather than sharing passwords, authorization tokens are used to prove identity between the influencer and the brand. During the connection process, the user grants access to read their stories, story insights, and their audience data.


Step 16 Next, select whether to Allow Influencers to Upload Files and then enter a Connect Networks Description.


Step 17 In "Step 7. Tracking", enter a Tracking Description, enter you Content Tracking Tags, and enter any Extra Tags


The Content Tracking Tags will be the hashtags and mentions used to pull in the content for your campaign. The Extra Tags are additional mentions and hashtags you would like your influencers to include, but will not be used to pull content.


Step 18 In "Step 8. Other Information", select additional form fields to be added to your influencer's proposal.

 Quick Tip

If there is additional information that you would like to collect you can always create custom properties that can be added on to a proposal as additional form fields.


Step 19 In " Step 9. Brand Assets", you can add supporting assets that will be useful for the influencer in creating their content.



Step 20 In "Step 10. Content Right", select your Content Right or enter your own Custom Rights and click Save Campaign.

 Quick Tip

You can preview you the campaign proposal form by clicking on Live URL Preview in the upper right-hand corner



Why can’t I or my Influencers Submit an Additional Proposal

This tends to be a common issue that typically stems from how the campaign settings were setup. This issue is typically caused due to the campaign being set to "Non Recurring", which only allows influencers to have one proposal for the campaign.

If you have your campaign set to "Non-Recurring", then your influencers will not able to submit more than one proposal through their Live URL. Also, you will not be able to submit a proposal, on their behalf, from the work room of the campaign. Attempting to submit a proposal for them in your work room will return an error message.  The steps below will guide you through how to adjust your campaign to resolve this issue.

Step 1 Click on Program, in the navigation bar, and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Edit Campaign Details icon.


Step 3 in "Step 1. Campaign Settings", for Recurring Proposals select Recurring.


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