Types of Influencer Payments

Within the platform, there are two types of influencer payments that can be selected within a partnership or a campaign. This quick article will take you through the differences between the two options.

Cash Payments: The Cash Payment option is a PayPayl payment that is sent directly from GRIN to the influencer's PayPal account. However, in order to send payments from the platform, you must first deposit funds into your account.


Influencers that are paid through the Cash Payment option are required to set up their PayPal & submit a W-9 (W-8BEN for International influencers) before their payments can be processed.


Offline Payments: The Offline Payment option allows you to record payments. This is in the case that you are NOT paying influencers from the platform and are sending payments outside of GRIN. This is a recording option that allows you to keep track of all payments made to influencers in one place, even if they are not submitted directly from the platform.




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