How to Update Your PayPal

This guide will take you through how to update your PayPal information that is currently connected in order to receive payments. If you have changed your PayPal email or would like to have payments sent to a newly created account, follow the steps below.

 Quick Tip

Having trouble setting up your PayPal and submitting your tax form? Use the guide here for assistance.


Both a PayPal and W-9 or W-8BEN for international influencers is required for payments to be processed.

1. Open a tab with your Live URL (Dashboard). This is the link the brand sent you with the campaign details and to submit your application.

2. Click on the Payouts in the toolbar at the top of your Dashboard. This will only appear if your account is Verified. If you're not sure, visit our page How To Verify my Account.

3. In the Payouts Info section, click on the pencil icon.


4. Enter your new PayPal email and click Save.




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