How to Insert Images into an Email

This guide will teach you how to insert an image into emails. Keep in mind that when insert an image into your email the URL of the image must be a public source. This article will go through how to get to create a public image URL as well.

In this guide, you will learn:

How to Create a Public Image URL Source

Step 1 Go to Dropbox and login

Step 2 Click Upload files and select the image you would like to insert into your email.


Step 3 Select Files and click on Share on the image that was uploaded.


Step 4 In the pop-up window that appears, click Create link.


How to Insert an Image into an Email


Before proceeding make sure that you have created a public Image URL source to insert. If you have not done so learn how in the previous section.

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select either Prospects or My Influencers.

Step 2 Select the influencer(s) you would like to email.


Step 3 Click the blue checkmark and select Send Email.


Step 4 Click on the ellipsis icon and click the Insert/Edit Image Icon.


Step 5 Paste in the URL from the Dropbox created link for your image.


Step 6 Change the dl=0 in the URL to dl=1.


Step 7 Adjust the image size to your liking and click on Save.


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