Setting up a Partnership

This guide will walk you through how to create a 1-on-1 partnerships with influencers. This gives you the ability to create custom tasks for particular influencers, rather than grouping them into a campaign with other influencer.


Influencers will be able to review their partnership details within their Live URL, similar to campaigns. 

Prospects will need to be promoted to Influencers in order to create a partnership.

 Step 1 Click on Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click on the Influencer you would like to create a partnership for. 


Step 3 Scroll down to the Partnerships section and click New Partnership.


Step 4 In 'Step 1. Overview', select what brand the partnership is for, give the partnership an internal and external name, write up an overview, and add a budget.


Step 5 In 'Step 2. Schedule & Review', select a start date, how long the partnership will last, an end date, and if content is to be delivered each month.


Step 6 In 'Step 3. Deliverables', click on Add Deliverable.


Step 7 Select a network for the task, a media type if applicable, and a name for the task.


If you are setting up an Instagram story make sure to select Story as the media type or we will not be able to pull in the influencer's story posts and metrics.


The OAuth connection is required in order for the system to pull in story content and metrics. This OAuth connection can be made optional. However, keep in mind that without the influencers connecting their IG via the OAuth, then we will not be able to pull in their stories or metrics.



Step 8 In 'Step 4. Compensation', you will be able to give a Compensation Preview and also select the compensation method.


Step 9 If you have selected Payment as a compensation method, then select how the payment will be dispersed.


Step 10 If you select Product as a compensation method, select when the product will be sent, if you'd like to configure the product for the first month, if you want to allow influencer selection, if you'd like to show the price of the products, and add products to be made available.


Step 11 If you select Commission as a compensation method, select the Discount Group and/or Affiliate Group you will be assigning their codes and/or links from.


Step 12 In 'Step 5. Tracking', select if you'd like to allow the influencer to deliver content manually, set strict content date, and set up the hashtags/mentions to track in order to pull in their content.


Step 13 In 'Step 6. Supporting Assets', upload any files that may be helpful for the influencer during the partnership.


Step 14 In 'Step 7. Rights & Agreements', set up the terms of the partnership.


Step 15 In 'Step 8. Customization', you have the option to change the title of the sections within the influencer partnership dashboard.


Step 15 In 'Step 9. Review & Publish', you will be able to review the detail of the partnership and publish it so the influencer can view the details.




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