What is a Live URL

A Live URL is a unique URL for an influencer that is based on the Grin account domain. Once influencers have their Live URL, they are able to view campaign details, submit proposalsset-up payment, and once submitted review their task requirements, compensation, etc.

It is important to note that a Live URL should only be sent to influencers who have already agreed to work with you and in the campaign you want them to participate in. 

In order to pull in content and metrics, influencers will need to sync their social accounts within the Live URL. However, in order to pull in Instagram stories and story metrics, your influencers will need to sync via a secure connection called OAuth. While not all social accounts need to be connected this way, it is good practice for you to recommend your influencers to set up their network syncing via OAuth.

Live URLs can be found within the influencer's profile or can be pulled into emails using the insert variable option. Please make sure to check when manually copy and pasting in an influencer's Live URL into an email, that it belongs to that particular influencer. Each Live URL is a unique domain for influencers to add in their own unique information. 



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