What is a daily Search Recruitment Limit

The following quick guide will help you understand more about your account’s daily Search recruitment limit.


What is it? 

Your account has a set daily limit on the amount of Prospects and Influencers that can be added from Search on a per user basis. If you’re unsure of your account’s per user, per day limit, contact your account admin or GRIN customer success manager to find out. 


How will I know when I’ve reached my daily limit? 

When you’ve reached 50% of your daily Search recruitment capacity, you’ll see the daily limit messaging appear in the action menu drop down when adding Prospects and Influencers from Search.

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Once you’ve exceeded your daily limit, the Add as Prospects and Add as Influencers buttons will become disabled in the action menu. 

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When will my daily limit reset? 

Your daily limit will reset every day at 12:00 AM based on your timezone, at which point you will be able to add contacts from Search. 



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