01-2020: Navigation Bar and Recruitment Search Update!

For a better user experience, we have updated and improved the GRIN Navigation Bar and Influencer Search Functionality. Use the following guide to navigate the new features.  



The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar now aligned on the left side of the browser window, provides a better use of the vertical space.

Option 1 Hover over the icons to display the navigation links. Click on one of the links to navigate to that page. 


Option 2 Click on the navigation bar to extend the menu and click an icon to expand the menu for each section. Click on a link, in the extended menu, to navigate to that page.



Influencer Search: Youtube and Instagram

Step 1 Click Recruit, in the navigation bar, and select Influencer Search.

Step 2 Click the drop down menu to switch between Instagram and Youtube search. This function lets you find Influencers whose primary platforms are Youtube or Instagram. 



The Social Links column displays the networks listed within the influencer’s bio or channel description. Networks pulled in from the infleuncer’s bio or channel description is not an indication of their primary platforms or if all platforms are in active use.  

Step 3 Filter further for influencers using additional search functions. Learn more here




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