How to Connect your Magento Store

In order to integrate your store, you will need access to the Magento admin panel and a user with the "Administrators" role and have set up your Brand

Integrating your Magento store with GRIN is a two-part process. The first step involves collecting some details about your store and generating an API access token, the second step involves inputting those details into GRIN in order to establish the connection.

In order to integrate with Magento, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Magento Admin

Step 2 GRIN Connection Process


Magento Admin 

 There are a few steps to complete before you start the connection process.

  • Note down the Magento store URL
  • Note down the Magento admin panel URL path
  • Note down the Magento "website" and "store view code"
  • Create an API access token

Magento Store URL

This is the default URL for your store, usually something like or

Magento Admin Panel URL Path

This is the last part of the URL where you access your store admin panel. If you access your admin panel at then the URL path would be admin.

Magento Website & Store View Code

Magento supports multiple websites and stores, in order to connect to the correct one you need to specify which website and store should be used. You can find this information in your Magento admin panel by browsing to Stores > All Stores and noting the row that corresponds to the website you want to connect to. In the example below, the website is Main Website the store view code is default.




Magento API Access Token

You can generate an access token from the Magento admin panel by browsing to System > Integrations and then clicking "Add New Integration". 



Under "Integration Info", provide the name for the integration (ex: GRIN Connection) and then provide your password for verification. No other input fields are needed for this step, so click the API tab on the left.



Under the "Available APIs", choose "All" for the "Resource Access" field. At the top right, click the dropdown icon next to the "Save" button and choose "Save & Activate". Magento will ask you to confirm the integration, so click on the "Allow" button to enable the integration. Once the integration is active you will see your access token.



Copy the "Access Token" and save it for later, you will need to input it within GRIN to connect the store.


GRIN Connection Process

Once you have all of the information required to complete the integration, head to the "Brands" section within GRIN and click the "Edit Brand" icon next to the brand you want to integrate.

From the "Edit Brand" screen, click "Step 3. Ecommerce Account" and then click the "Connect" button under the Magento logo.




Enter the details you collected from the previous step and click "Authenticate". Once you are connected you will be prompted to choose the "Website" that corresponds to the "Store View" code that you entered in the first step. Click "Connect" after selecting the website.

That's it! Once you have connected your Magento store you should see it listed in the "Edit Brand" form.






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