How to Import Existing Discount Codes

Use the following guide to learn how to import your existing discount codes via a CSV import and how to assign them to a code group. 


A discount code group will need to be created in order to import and assign discount codes via a CSV import. This group will be used as the contact property during the mapping out process.


Step 1 Click Contacts, within the navigation bar, and select either My Influencers or Prospects.

Step 2 Click on Add Influencers and select Import Influencers.


Step 4 Click Download a sample file, in order to view required and optional headers for your CSV upload. 

Step 6 Create a CSV file with the supported headers and add a Discount Code column.

Step 7 Drag and drop the CSV or select click to upload a file. 


Step 8 In "Step 1. Import Details", adjust the Import Name, and select the Record Type

 Quick Tip

If you are importing discount codes for influencers who already exist in your "Contacts" make sure to select the "Update Existing Contacts" box. This will prevent any duplicates from being created if an influencer's email on your CSV/file already exists within you "Contacts". Instead, any new information imported will be added to the existing influencer in your "Contacts".


Step 9 In "Step 2. Map Columns", check the boxes next to the desired upload fields and select the appropriate Contact Property. For the discount code contact property, select an appropriate discount code group. Learn how to create a discount code group here


Email is a required field that needs to be added into the CSV to update existing contacts and to prevent duplicate contacts.


Step 10 In "Step 3. Confirm & Start", click the Start Import button. 


It takes about 30 seconds to import one contact, so depending on how many you are importing it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.


Step 11 In My Influencers or Prospects, view the uploaded discount codes



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