How to Import Existing Discount Codes

Use the following guide to learn how to create a space for and import your existing discount codes.  

Note: A discount code group will need to be created in order to import and assign discount codes via a CSV import. This group will be used as the contact property during the mapping out process.


Step 1 Click on Contacts and select My Influencers or Prospects.

Step 2 Click on Manage and select Custom Property.


Step 3 Click Create and create a new property labeled Discount Code.



Step 4 In My Influencers or Prospects, click Columns on the top right. 

Step 5 Select Your Properties, click the box next to Discount Code, and click Save.

Step 4 In My Influencers or Prospects, click Import.


Step 4 Click Download a Sample file, in order to view required and optional headers. 

Step 6 Create a CSV file with the supported headers and add a Discount Code column.

Step 7 Drag and drop CSV or click to upload file


Step 8 In Step 1. Import Details, adjust the Import Name and select the Record Type


Step 9 In Step 2. Map Columns, check the boxes next to the desired upload fields and select the appropriate Contact Property

Note: Email is a required field that needs to be added into the CSV to update existing contacts and to prevent duplicate contacts. 


Step 10 In Step 3. Confirm & Start, click the Start Import button. 

Note: It takes about 30 seconds to import one contact so depending on how many you are importing it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.


Step 11 In My Influencers or Prospects, view the uploaded discount codes


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