Gifting and Unboxing Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns.
Learn the goals, benefits, and tips for running your campaign: 

What goals will a Gifting and Unboxing Campaign help me accomplish?

The Gifting and Unboxing campaign is great for bringing awareness to your brand by showing off a collection of your products, introducing new products to the market or introducing your products to new markets.

Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns are also great if your goal is to increase sales of a specific product or group of products. Include those products in your package and require your influencers to draw attention to these products, including links to the products in their bio, or add a description in their unboxing video. You can also require the influencers to mention where to find the products.

Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns are a good option to gain genuine feedback on your products. You will not only get genuine feedback from your influencers but from their audiences as well.

If your campaign goal is to build relationships with your influencers, Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns are an excellent way to get started. Your influencers will enjoy getting a package in the mail and will give them the opportunity to use your product and fall in love!


What are the benefits of Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns?

The greatest benefit from a Gifting and Unboxing campaign is the opportunity for your intended audience to witness a genuine and enthusiastic reaction to your products. Your influencers are intended not to know what is in their boxes which will exhibit an excitement that cannot be replicated. 

Gifting and Unboxing campaigns are also a great way to start your relationship with an influencer. They will get a feel for your products and you will get an idea of what it is like to work with that influencer. Your influencers total engagements will determine whether your brand is reaching your target audience in an effective way. 


Tips for Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns.

Using creative packaging makes the unboxing more memorable and fun. Influencers can express excitement not only on the products but also the care and creativity from the brand. Design the packaging related to the product inside to give a hint to what the surprise could be. For example, if your brand is a makeup company and you are running a Gifting and Unboxing Campaign to promote the launch of a new eyeshadow palette, you could design your box to look like a giant version of the palette.

Send custom products to your influencers. This is a great way to make your influencers feel special and their excitement will show through to their audience.

Send limited edition products to create excitement and demand. Have your influencers mention limited edition products and when the cutoff date will be.  

Make sure your influencers tell their audience where they can purchase the products shown in their video. Also, make sure your influencers mention if a product is either limited edition or a custom product and where to find similar options, if available.


Suggested Campaigns to run with Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns.

  • Giveaway Campaigns: Have your influencers announce a Giveaway Campaign during their unboxing video. You could have the giveaway be for an identical package or an item (or items) from the package.
  • Influencer as Creator Campaigns: Have your influencers create content with their new products from their unboxing video.
  • Branded Content Campaigns: Have your influencers create content showing them using their new products.

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