Event Activation Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns.

Learn the goals, benefits, and tips for running your campaign: 

What goals will an Event Activation Campaign help my brand to accomplish?

If your campaign goal is to raise awareness and create a buzz for an event, an Event Activation Campaign is the way to go. Having your influencers announce their attendance and excitement on social media will give your brand exposure with their audiences. These events can also increase your social media presence.

Event Activation Campaigns are great for building your relationships with your influencers. Providing your influencers with a fun and memorable experience is a surefire way to make them fall in love with your brand. If your campaign goal is to foster relationships with your influencers, Event Activation Campaigns are perfect for you!

Event Activation campaigns are also great for new product/service launches, introducing your brand to new markets, and increasing your social media presence.


What are the benefits of Event Activation Campaigns?

Event Activation Campaigns give way to long term relationships with influencers by providing them with an experience they'll never forget and making them organically fall in love with your brand.

Event Activation Campaigns give your influencers the opportunity to engage with your brand face-to-face as well as meet other influencers with whom they share similar interests.

Event Activation Campaigns help you build your community of influencers.

You'll get tons of pieces of reusable content from your influencers.

Create a buzz for your brand before, during and after the event. If your influencers enjoyed their experience at your event, they're sure to talk about it in the weeks after.


Tips for Event Activation Campaigns

Choose your influencers wisely. You'll want to make sure the influencers you pick are capable of creating an online buzz before your event to ensure people are to attend!

Prioritize good lighting and make sure there are lots of photo ops at the event. Remember, your influencers will be creating content for you at your event and you will want to enable them to create content that is of the highest quality possible.

Be clear about the details of your event. When you invite your influencers, be sure to let them know when and where your event is being held, if there is a dress code, any information they'll need for parking/transportation, and when they'll need to RSVP by.

Make sure it is obvious the event is being held by your brand. This ensures that the content your influencers create is obviously tied to your brand and useable for your brand in the future.

When inviting your influencers, include a plus-one. Not only will this increase attendance at your event, it will make your influencers feel more comfortable and relaxed to have someone they already know with them. Plus they'll have someone to help take their photos!


Suggested Events to run with Event Activation Campaigns

  • Gifting and Unboxing Campaign: If your event is a new product launch, run a Gifting and Unboxing Campaign prior to your event featuring your influencers unboxing of your new product.
  • Community Building Campaign: Run a Community Building Campaign and host an event where your community of influencers can meet.
  • Sponsored Blog Post Campaign: Have your influencers write a blog detailing their experience at your event.
  • Influencer Takeover Campaign: Choose an influencer to take over your Instagram account during the event.
  • Influencer as Creator Campaign: Have your influencers create content for your brand while they are attending your event.
  • Competition Campaign: Run a Competition Campaign that culminates in an event. Have part of your event center around the competition.



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