Influencer Takeover Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Influencer Takeover Campaigns.

Learn the goals, benefits, and tips for running your campaign: 


What campaign goals will an Influencer Takeover Campaign help my brand to accomplish?

The Influencer Takeover campaign is great for getting more engagements on your social media content and getting more authentic fans for your brand. Having the influencer announce on their own page that they are doing a takeover of your social media account will translate into more followers for your brand.

Influencer takeovers are mutually beneficial, as the influencer will gain social media followers as well. As such, influencer takeovers are a perfect fit for brands looking to create and foster long-term relationships with influencers.

If your brand's campaign goal is to raise awareness for a product, running an Influencer Takeover campaign is an option for you. Have your influencer promote the product during their takeover.


What are the benefits of Influencer Takeover Campaigns?

When an influencer takes over your account, they are essentially endorsing your brand; their followers will begin to associate the influencer with your brand and vice versa. This endorsement will help create new fans of your brand.

Since you pick how long the takeover lasts, you can easily stay in control of your campaign budget.

An influencer's followers are more likely to engage with content on your brand's social media pages when they know that the content was created (and subsequently posted) by the influencer. As such, you'll get a higher rate of engagement on content posted during a takeover.

Influencers know what their audiences like and gravitate to. Having them post directly on your page is incredibly powerful, as they are sure to post content that resonates with their audience and in turn your brand's target market.


Tips for Running Influencer Takeover Campaigns.

Pick your influencers carefully. Make sure that the content they post on their own page is in line with what your brand is about.

Be clear with your rules for the takeover. Let your influencer know if there are certain hashtags you'd like them to use, any words you'd like them to avoid, how many times you require them to post during their takeover, etc.

Promote the influencer's takeover on both your brand's social media pages and your influencer's pages.

Don't feel comfortable giving your influencer a temporary password? You can have them provide you with content at predetermined intervals and post it on their behalf.

If a temporary password was provided to your influencer, change your password after the takeover is complete, just to be safe. You don't want your influencer accidentally logging into and posting on the wrong account!


Suggested Campaigns to run with Influencer Takeover Campaigns.

  • Giveaway Campaigns: Have your influencer announce a giveaway during their takeover. If your campaign goal is to launch a new product or raise awareness for an existing product, have the giveaway be for that product.
  • Event Activation Campaign: Run an Influencer Takeover Campaign in conjunction with an Event Activation Campaign. Have one of your influencers takeover your account leading up to the event.
  • Travel Campaign: Have your influencer takeover your page during their trip.




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