Sponsored Blog Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Sponsored Blog Campaigns. 

Learn the goals, benefits, and tips for running your campaign: 

What campaign goals will a Sponsored Blog Post help my brand to accomplish?

A Sponsored Blog Post is an excellent option for you if your goal is getting your brand out there and getting genuine feedback on your event, product or service.

If your goal is to introduce your brand to new markets, a blog post is a thorough and long-lasting way to do so. Through a blog post, your new target audience can get a good feel for your brand- without having to do their own research beyond a quick internet search.

If your campaign goal is to get long-lasting content, Sponsored Blog Posts are perfect for you. Blog posts are indexed by search engines and will, therefore, appear in search results. This is a great way to drive lasting outcomes as blog posts drive traffic perpetually- they are always out there for potential adopters of your brand to find when researching your market.


What are the benefits of Sponsored Blog Posts?

Sponsored Blog Posts give your influencers the opportunity to give a more detailed review of your brand than other social media platforms.

A major benefit of Sponsored Blog Posts is that they are easily found through search engines for a long time and are a great resource for potential customers that are researching your brand. Since they contain genuine feedback and an extensive look at your product or service, they will help your target market with their buying decisions.

Sponsored Blog Posts have the benefit of building your relationships with your influencers by giving them the chance to provide your brand with in-depth and honest feedback. By having an influencer write a Sponsored Blog Post, you are trusting them to create a positive post for your brand, and in turn building a strong relationship with them.


Tips for Sponsored Blog Posts

When choosing your influencers for a Sponsored Blog Post, make sure to pick the right influencers. You'll want to have influencers whose blogs are in line with your brand's image, as people will be visiting the influencers' blogs for information about your product or service for years to come.

Tell your influencers how long you expect their post to be; you might want a shorter post that you can copy onto your brand's page as a quick review or you might want a longer, more thorough review.

Let your influencers know if you're looking for a review about a specific product or service or if you'd like a more general review of your brand and your offerings.

When budgeting for a Sponsored Blog Post, remember that it is a long-lasting and comprehensive piece of content and should be priced accordingly. As such, it might make sense for your brand to only work with one or two high-quality influencers instead of working with several influencers.

Let your influencers use their own voice in their posts. You want their posts to sound like a credible analysis of your product or service from a real user, not an advertisement.


Suggested Campaigns to run with Sponsored Blog Posts

  • Giveaway Campaign: Have your influencer announce a giveaway for the product or service they reviewing in their blog.
  • Competition Campaign: Run a Competition Campaign where the prize is the product or service that your influencer reviewed.
  • Travel Campaign: Send your influencer on a trip and have them create a Sponsored Blog Post about it.
  • Event Activation Campaign: Have your influencers create a Sponsored Blog Post from an event that you create and have them attend.
  • Community Building Campaign: create a community of bloggers for a steady source of in-depth feedback on your brand.



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