How to Export Campaign Reports

Use the following guide to learn how to export campaign reports and the information that can be exported.

There are three reports that can be exported within your campaign's reporting section. Each report covers the data displayed in the Grin platform but also includes additional information not readily seen. Each report is downloaded in the form of a CSV file.

Step 1 Click Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Campaign Work Room icon.

Step 3 Under the Reporting tab, click on the Export button located at the top right of each section: Key Performance Indicators, Influencer Breakdown and Content Breakdown


Key Performance Indicators

This export displays the campaigns overall metrics including overall number of influencers, content pieces, networks, views, engagements, impressions, your set budget, amount of spend, IMV, IMV ROI, ECPM, CPE, Revenue, Revenue ROI, and Conversions. 

Infleuncer Breakdown

The influencer breakdown export displays the influencers name, email, their content total, views, engagements, engagement rate, Money, Products, Total, IMV, IMV ROI, Revenue, Revenue ROI, and Conversions. 

Content Breakdown

The content breakdown export includes the influencers name, content, date posted, task name, network profile, username, reach, total engagements, views, likes, comments, shares, story impressions, story reach, story interactions, and story swipes. 



An influencer can have multiple lines depending on the amount of content posted. 



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