How to Review Affiliate Link & Discount Code Activity

Providing your influencers with affiliate links and/or discount codes gives you the ability to review how much revenue influencers are contributing to your campaign. Use the following guide to learn how to review affiliate link page views, unique visitors, and conversions made from the use of affiliate links or discount codes. 

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 3 In the Links section of your work room you can review each influencers Page Views and Unique Visitors.


Step 4 In the Payments section of your workroom you can review sales made from the use of each influencer's affiliate link or discount code.


Commission must be selected as a compensation method, within the campaign, in order to review sales made by affiliate links and discount codes.


Step 5 Pay your influencer their Balance Owed by clicking the dollar icon.


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