How to Setup Influencer Content Tracking

Use the following guide to understand how to allow GRIN to automatically pull in influencers content. This eliminates the need for you and your influencers to have to deliver content manually. Your influencer's posts will automatically pull in by using the mentions & hashtags that you have set within your campaign setup.


In order for us to pull in Instagram story content, influencers will be required to connect via the OAuth connection (Facebook). This is a requirement by Facebook that authorizes us to pull in stories and their metrics. In order for influencers to connect via the OAuth, they will need an Instagram business account that is linked to a Facebook business page.


Instagram stories must directly be delivered on the influencers' Instagram accounts. Content that is reshared, on the influencer Instagram, as a story cannot be detected and will not be pulled in.

Step 1 Click Program and select Campaigns

Step 2 Click on the Pencil & Paper icon.


Step 3 In 'Step 4. Tracking', under Content Trackingplace the hashtags and/or mentions you would like your influencers to use.


The mentions & hashtags used in your influencer's posts must match exactly what is set up in your "Content Tracking field". The posts will not pull in If there are slight misspellings or out of place uppercase/lowercase letters. The mentions & hashtags must also be used in the caption of the post in order for our system to find and pull in the content. 




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