How to Use Filters in the Campaign Work Room

Use the following guide to learn how to use filters to sort by proposals, fulfillment status, shipment status, content delivery status, and more. The filters provided inside of a campaign workroom gives you the ability to review your influencer's progress in a campaign. It also allows you to track your order fulfillments as well as product shipment status.

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns

Step 2 Click on the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 3 In the 'Influencers' section, click Filters.


Step 4 Use any of the filters readily available or scroll down and apply any Advanced Filters.

Toggle between the Filter Logic "And" or "OR" to apply the broader filter sets that are enabled. For example, if filters are set to “and”, and filtered by owner = “Jane” and tags = “A”, “B”, the rule means: (influencers owned by Jane) AND (have tags A or B)


When comparing the results of "And" and "OR" for Filter Logic, it is important to only have one entry per field when wanting to compare the differences of the field using AND.

For example, if you are wanting to view the influencers who have the tags "Facebook Group" and "Instagram Group" you could place both tags in the same field and toggle to OR. This will pull in the influencers who have one of the tags and both tags.


However, if you only want to pull in the influencers who only have both tags then a field will need to be created for each tag in Advanced Filters. As seen in the images, only 2 influencers have both tags out of the total 7 who have one or both tags.


 Quick Tip

Use filters in the Fulfillment tab to narrow down to which influencers have not had product fulfilled, by using the filters: Fulfillment Status - Unfulfilled. 

Within the Progress tab, filter by influencers who's orders have been fulfilled but have not delivered their content, by using the filters: Content Progress - does not have content and in the Advanced Filters: Fulfillment Status - Fulfilled.





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