How to Use Filters in the Campaign Work Room

Use the following guide to learn how to use filters to sort by proposals, fulfillment status, shipment status, content delivery status, and more. The filters provided inside of a campaign workroom gives you the ability to review your influencer's progress in a campaign. It also allows you to track your order fulfillments as well as product shipment status.

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns

Step 2 Click on the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 3 In the 'Influencers' section, click Filters.


Step 4 Click on Choose Property and select a filter from the options provided.


Step 5 Click the Add Filter to add additional filters and click Apply Filters.


Multiple filters can be applied at once to narrow down to the exact results you need to view. 


 Quick Tip

Use filters in the Fulfillment tab to narrow down to which influencers have not had product fulfilled, by using the filters: Fulfillment Status - Unfulfilled. 

Within the Progress tab, filter by influencers who's orders have been fulfilled but have not delivered their content, by using the filters: Fulfillment Status - Fulfilled and Content Progress - has content. 





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