Setting up Your Brand

When you first obtain your GRIN account the first steps are to set up your account settings and to create your Brand(s). The GRIN Brand page houses how you will manage your Grin account from the currency, importing or creating products, as well as, creating the base pattern of discount codes and affiliate links. The Brand set up is vital to begin your influencer collaborations.

When setting up a Brand, it is important to review each step below to establish how you would like to run your personalized Grin account:

Creating your Brand

Step 1. Brand Identity

Step 2. Brand Currency

Step 3. Ecommerce Account

Step 4. Social Accounts

Step 5. Social Listening 

Step 6. Recruitment Settings


Discount Codes & Affiliate Links


Creating your Brand

You are able to create multiple GRIN brand pages if you are working with multiple brands or websites. Each brand can be linked to a different website, social media networks, and currency.

Step 1 Click Brands within the navigation bar.

Step 2 Click + New Brand located on the top right-hand side of the page.



Step 1. Brand Identity

In 'Step 1. Brand Identity', you are able to set up your brand's basics, such as your brand's name, website, and cover photo.

The brand description and support email are areas your influencers will be able to view when filling out their campaign proposal. Having a Brand description and a support email can help in your influencers' decision to participate with your Brand. 



Step 2. Brand Currency 

In 'Step 2. Currency', it is important to set the currency to what is set up within your eCommerce store whether it's integrated with GRIN or not. The currency set within GRIN is not a convertor but rather just a label that is displayed in campaign reporting, influencer profiles, etc. Once the currency label is set you are unable to change it. 

If you are working with multiple currencies then a new brand will need to be created for each one. 



Step 3. Ecommerce Account

In 'Step 3. Ecommerce Account', you are able to connect your eCommerce store. Only one eCommerce store can be integrated per Brand. If you have multiple eCommerce stores then you are able to create multiple brands

At the moment GRIN supports the integration of Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento. However, if your eCommerce is outside of these options you are able to follow the directions for 'Any Website' for partial integration capabilities. 


Once integrated, products will be able to be imported in bulk into GRIN, discount codes created within your eCommerce store, track conversions, as well as, manage product fulfillment to your influencers. 

You will need to have admin access to your eCommerce store in order to integrate. Also, make sure to adjust your security settings as you will be directed to your eCommerce store to log in during this process.


Step 4. Social Accounts

Connecting your Brand's social account allows GRIN to:

1) Track your Brands growth or the increase/decrease of followers as well as the average number of engagements for posts on your connected social accounts through the Reporting Dashboard.

2) Track your Brand's Social Listening by tracking selected hashtags/mentions. GRIN will then display who is using the mention/hashtag as well as their recent IG posts, follower amount, and mention/hashtag used. 

At the moment, GRIN only has the option to connect to your Brand's Instagram. In order to connect your Instagram, you will need to connect via OAuth or signing into the Facebook account that is connected to your Instagram account. 



Step 5. Social Listening 

By connecting your Brand's Instagram account you are able to track selected mentions/hashtags. GRIN will then display who is using the mention/hashtag as well as their recent IG posts, follower amount, and mention/hashtag used. 

First, enable Mention Tracking for the connected Instagram accounts and then click Manage Hashtags, under the Hashtag Tracking section. Here you are able to set up the hashtags/mentions that you would like to track.

As a tip, these hashtag/mentions do not have to be related to your Brand or the connected Instagram account.



Step 6. Recruitment Settings

In Recruitment Settings, set up the requirements for the content & influencers to be picked up and pulled into GRIN for Social Listening and User Generated Content. Set the total reach and Instagram engagement rate high or low depending on how you would like to pull in influencers and content. 

It is suggested to have the option 'Must have email?' set to yes so as to ensure ease of contacting the influencer if you desire a collaboration. 




Products added to a brand can be made available as compensation within Campaigns and Partnerships. Products can be manually created or imported directly from your integrated eCommerce store.

Product Collections can be directly imported or products can be sorted into collections after import or creation for ease of adding sets of products to campaigns and partnerships.

Once product is imported into Grin, set up product syncing for imported products to ensure consistent accurate price, inventory, and newly added products to your brand. 



Discount Codes & Affiliate Links

Within Brands, you also have the ability to create affiliate links and discount code groups, which can be assigned to campaigns and partnerships.

Once assigned to campaigns, discount codes and links can be uniquely generated for your influencers. Assigning codes and/or links gives you a better view of how many conversions an influencer has and provides an accurate view of your campaigns' overall revenue.

Grin also allows conversions to be tracked for commissions to be paid out within the campaign or partnership.



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