Create Your Brand

Before you can execute a campaign you will need to set-up your Brand.

Step 1 Click Brands in the top navigation.

Step 2 Click + New Brand located on the top right-hand side of the page.

You can create multiple pages if you are working with multiple brands. Each brand can be linked to the associated brand website and social media networks.


Within the brand page, you are able to add products, establish a currency, connect to your E-commerce store, set up social listening, etc.  


Products added to a brand can be made available as compensation in a campaign. Once products are uploaded to a brand you can adjust the internal product cost, shipping cost, MSRP, and track inventory. Tracking the product cost will help with obtaining accurate ROI reporting when running your campaigns. 


Within Brands, you also have the ability to create affiliate links and discount code groups. The affiliate links and discount code groups can be assigned to a campaign. Once assigned to campaigns, discount codes and links can be uniquely generated for your influencers. Assigning codes and/or links gives you a better view of how many conversions an influencer has, resulting commissions and provides an accurate view of your campaigns' overall revenue.



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