Navigating Account Settings

Use the following guide to navigate your Account Settings and learn how to set up your account to personally benefit your GRIN experience. Click on your account profile in the right-hand corner and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.



Click on the section you would like to review. 



IMAGES.png Security


UNKNOWN.jpeg Email Integration

UNKNOWN-5.pngAffiliate Integration

Whitelisting_Integration.pngWhitelisting Integration

API_Integration.pngAPI Integration

UNKNOWN-4.png Notifications


White-labeling.pngInfluencer Experience 

White-labeling.pngGrin Platform


UNKNOWN-7.jpeg  Company

UNKNOWN-8.png Teams

UNKNOWN-9.png Users

IMAGES.jpeg Domain Management


UNKNOWN-8.png Payment Settings

UNKNOWN-3.png Invoices

UNKNOWN-12.png Subscription

UNKNOWN-11.png Payment Methods




Within Profile, you can add/change your profile photo, update your email address, phone number, name (first and last), and time zone. Click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save any profile updates.

It is important to note the timezone as that will be the timezone by which all conversions and reporting data will display. If you notice any difference between your eCommerce account's reporting and GRIN make sure to check the timezones match. 



Within security, you are able to update your password and Request for Data Deletion.

Click the Change Password button at the bottom of the page to save the password change.

In order to remove data from the GRIN platform, please send an email to with the subject "Account Data Deletion".




Email Integration

Within email integration, you are able to sync your personal/business email, establish a daily sending limit and create your email signature. 


Gradually increasing the amount of emails sent in a day helps prevent your emails from going into influencers' spam folders.



Affiliate Integration

Within Affiliate Integration, allow Grin to track the amount of customers using links to your site. Click the Generate Token button and follow the steps to integrate the affiliate link and set up tracking conversions.




Whitelisting Integration

GRIN is proud to offer a direct integration with the leading creator white-listing platform, Lumanu. Lumanu is the easiest, quickest way to get your creators to share advertising permissions, media assets and first party data with you in one click. Lumanu also seamlessly integrates with Ads Manager, allowing you to elevate your paid social with creator identities and audiences.

Please refer to the knowledge base article for detailed information about the integration. You can refer to the Lumanu website for more information about their service.


API Integration

The API integration allows you to access your program data via Grin's REST API. The Grin API is organized around REST, has predictable resource-oriented URLs, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication.

Please refer to the documentation for detailed information about the API:



Enable notifications for new proposals, applications, messages, etc. via Slack or Email.settings_6.gif



Influencer Experience

Enable Influencer White Labeling by changing the domain your influencers will see when accessing their unique Live URL from GRIN to your Brand's name. Go a step further and update the browser tab's page title to Influencer Marketing | Your Brand's name. 

Set up Email and SMS alerts to your influencers in mass to bypass email sending limits and quickly inform your influencers on important changes and updates. 


Grin Platfrom 

Set up platform white labeling by changing the app URL domain and page title within the browser tab you and your clients will use to access the platform. Go a step further and update the Login Logo, App logo, and Favicon seen when accessing and using GRIN to your Brand's logo nad icons. 





Within Company, update your company name and company website. Click the Update Company button to save your updated company information.


Within Teams, you are able to edit your team and manage users.

Create a new team by clicking + Create in the top right corner of the page. Enter a team name and click the Create Team button to create your team. Edit a team by clicking Edit in the Actions column next to the team you’d like to edit. Manage users by clicking Users in the Actions column.settings_11.gif


Within Users, invite new users, view information about current users, and view pending invitations.
Invite new users by clicking invite an additional user or add a client by clicking create a new client account.
Fill out their email address and select which team you’d like them on. Click the Send Invitation button to send your invite.

Domain Management

Within Domain Management, create a new domain name visible to influencers when they access their Live URL. 
Enter your Custom subdomain name and click the Create button. 



Payment Settings

Within Payment Settings, enable or disable the ability to make payments through PayPal to influencers.

View your current account funds and add additional funds by clicking the Deposit Funds button. Choose a payment method from the drop down menu, enter an amount, and click the Add Funds button. 
If you will not be paying influencers through GRIN, then you can disable payments. This will then prompt a second option, which you can use to either enable or disable the ability for influencers to track their sales.



Within Invoices, view invoices and see invoice number, date, amount and status. Download a copy of your invoices by clicking the download icon.


Within subscription, view the current plan including your plan details and plan resources.
In order to upgrade your plan please get in touch with your Account Executive.

Payment Methods

Within Payment Methods, view your methods of payment currently in your Grin account. 
If you need to change or update the payment method associated with your account you will need to contact your Account Executive or the GRIN billing department.





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