How to accept Applicants

Applicants are prospective influencers who have never worked with you before and have submitted an application through your Landing page. The Applicants tab houses all of the inbound requests to work with your brand, be it in general or with a specific campaign. 

You are able to review, accept, or decline your applicants within the Applicants tab by following the steps below: 

Step 1 Click on the Contacts tab and select Applicants.

The Applicants page allows you to view each applicants' most recent content, engagement rate, reach, etc. These are key tools in order for you to determine if this applicant is a good fit for your brand and/or campaign. 

Step 2 Review the information that the applicant submitted with their application: influencer's name, email, and synced social media.

GRIN takes a step further beyond the applicant's entered information and pulls in their total reach, most recent content, engagement rate, etc. 


Step 3 View the applicant's recent content by hovering over the Application Status column and clicking View Content


Step 4 After you have reviewed the applicant you can decide to accept or reject the application. Hover over the Application Status column and select either to accept or reject.




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